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Pain Relief – written testimonials

Below are testimonials which contain information from people who have experienced improvement from pain.

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Malinda W., Florida

At 55 yrs. old I felt so old and worn out. I have been in numerous car and horse accidents that left me with damaged vertebra in my neck and lower back. I had a motorcycle fall full weight on my left arm and split the muscle in half and that plays havoc with the entire left side muscle connections through the arm, shoulder, back and already-ailing neck. I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma ( cancer) in 2001 and underwent radiation that has left my sight damaged and other side effects. It has been at least 15 + years that I have fallen asleep and slept all night. A typical night was about 3-4 hours, which left me numb, fuzzy-headed and unwell. Within 24 hours, I slept the entire night without waking once. I was stunned when I woke up. I then started to notice more energy, better moods, less stress and far less pain. I am taking 3 pills a day and very happy with the product to the point where I tell everyone about it. It’s awesome!!

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Lawrence Cottle: The following testimonial is from a great Doctor friend of mine, sharing her observation after being on the product less than a month.

My mother has had a deteriorating condition for at least 3 years. She would wake up in the morning having difficult time breathing and hurting from head to toe. Despite the trips to every kind of medical and alternative doctor and the multiple blood tests, the word that comes from the MD’s is that it is the aging process, in other words, they are CLUELESS too. Almost every morning for the past years has started with massage for mom to just BARELY function. By noon, she would feel a little more human. By night, she would be functional, then it would start again the next day with Mom feeling like she was dying, literally. It has been heart breaking and not the way I wanted her last years to be. A BEST doctor friend introduced this to me as it is reversing his (incurable) rare cancer and he has the documentation from blood work to show it. I always try out products to know their effects on me and then on family members, before I support it in any way. I started myself and mom on this about 10 days ago. Now, Mom is NOT WAKING UP HURTING at all! I am crazy excited! This is such a huge event after years of pain in the morning. She has not had any breathing problems and she is beginning to feel a little more energy. YEAH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I have spent hours and hours trying to find what would help her without any real results. Essential oils would give some immediate relief, but did not alleviate the problem from reocurring daily. Apparently, the extract has found that to be her body’s priority and is addressing that – and I am SOOOO THANKFUL!! ! Now, maybe Mom and I can actually enjoy her last years. I am so excited that I am beside myself! My next hope is that this will help Mom with her cataracts as her allergy to the antibiotic used before (and during surgery) causes her heart problems – we found that out the hard way! when she was scheduled for surgery a few years back. The body is created to heal when it has what it needs. I hope this is the missing piece.

There is another story: mine. My heel spur returned, despite wearing orthotics and never going barefoot. I have been limping for several months now and when I realized that, I started making myself walk straight so I do not develop a back issue by constantly throwing my weight incorrectly. Walking barefoot was rarely done and always painful. Yesterday, I was walking around and then shocked to realize that I was BAREFOOT! Oh my goodness! No PAIN! A little soreness, but no pain! I had also been feeling stiff in the my body and I was so upset with feeling OLD which is not acceptable for me in my profession and is totally against my belief about health – especially for me! That is GONE. I am getting “myself” back which is so encouraging because it makes me want to do better for myself. It seems we decline gradually and then one morning – wake up and recognize how good we DON’T feel. That is what had happened to me. Life since my father passed away 5 years ago, has been constant change with one crisis or major event after another, and non-stop. I don’t know if that is a reason or an excuse, but I had little to no energy to take care of myself when the day was finished and I would keep pushing on. I had it upside down. You have to take care of yourself first, or there will eventually be nothing left of you to care for others. That is still VERY HARD FOR ME to do, but I am working on it. Anyway, I am convinced that this product is giving my mother back – her life, and I am convinced that I have only just begun to know how good I can feel and enjoy the life ahead for me – in my body. My regiment for vitamin supplements in addition to the avian egg extract is Limu (ocean herbal), Barley supplement, Vitamin D, enzymes with meals. I believe that should give the nutrients need for my body to work with and not take a host of pills and be overwhelming. Lawrence, thank you for introducing me to the product! My only regret is that I did not find the time earlier to begin its intake sooner. This is a remarkable product and one that gives hope. Lawrence Cottle The above is from a good doctor friend of mine who decided to try the avian egg extract. Wow! What results! LC

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Jessie J, New York

I have been taking the avian egg extract for about 6 months. And the reason I was interested in it was because I just wanted to be as healthy as possible. I’m very athletic, normally a lot of energy and work out 3 times a week. But I had been noticing I felt really tired after my work outs lately and my work out recoveries took up to 3 days sometimes. The first thing I did notice is that I started to dream again which meant I was getting really deep REM sleep. This is so important for your body to repair and recover. Plus I noticed clarity of mind and the ability to focus. Not something I did in the past. I usually have so many things going on and am all over the place. My best story so far has been when I went skiing in March for 7 days. Went to Lake Tahoe with my ski club & I am a fairly aggressive skier attacking Black Diamond and Double Diamond trails( tough trails with moguls and steep) I decided to increased my dosage from 2 a day to 4 a day knowing I would need the energy and endurance. And it really worked!! I’ve been skiing for 20 years and after a few days of hard skiing, I would start getting really tired, but not this time. I was strong, full of energy, any aches where gone in a day or two and I have never felt or skied better. At the end of the day I felt a good tiered and had plenty of energy for Après skiing (Happy Hour) and some dancing afterwards. I course I didn’t stay out late every night since we had a few really early mornings. But overall I felt ready to go. In addition, I have always had trouble with my digestive system and now everything is on track. So as you can see, this product is amazing and helps the body heal itself where healing is needed. It’s the SMART pill! I don’t want to ever be without it. In addition, I have always had trouble with my digestive system and now everything is on track. So as you can see, it is an amazing product and helps the body heal itself where healing is needed. It’s the SMART pill! I don’t want to ever be without it.

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My name is Harry Tanaka, I am 65 years old and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

At age 64, while preparing for the full 26.2 mile Honolulu Marathon, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer 3 weeks prior to the race day of December 11, 2010.While in San Francisco, California in January 17, 2011. I was admitted into the Hospital and began 3 days of numerous testing of CAT Scan, PET Scan, MRI, and Multiple X-rays. The Doctors discovered and diagnosed that I had 5-different kinds of Cancer. Colon, Gallbladder, Stomach, Lymph node, and Pituitary adenoma. While in the hospital, I asked the Doctors to remove all the Cancer within one week time period while I was in the hospital. I had 3 different surgeries to remove the Cancer in all area that week. Surgeries were performed in the GI, Neck, and Brain to remove the Cancer. Before the surgeries my friends introduced me to various supplements and I began taking it. After all of my surgeries, the Doctors told me that I am free of all Cancer, and I do not need CHEMOTHERAPY – NO RADIATION TREATMENT – NO DRUGS. March 30, 2011. I went back to full – time work at Honolulu Airport. My good friends of many years, Mr. Bobby Baich of Arizona and Mr. Tom Boldt of California, introduced me to the avian egg extract. December 11, 2011. I recently completed the Honolulu Marathon and too my amazement I did not have the pain in my legs, nor was I sore anywhere. I recovered almost instantly. As of today, I take 4 capsules a day, I have noticed much more energy, better sleep and my skin is looking healthier with a major reduction in old age wrinkles, I am looking 45 years old. I have been talking to people in Hawaii and Japan and I have many people interested in this product. It works for me and I will not be without it…share and educate to be happier, feel better, and supplement your income at the same time.

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