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Increased Energy and stamina

Below are testimonials which contain information from people who have experienced increased energy from taking the avian egg extract..

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I started taking this product seriously on October 15th 2011. I have not felt this good, slept this well or had this much energy in years. The avian egg extract is an amazing new product that elevates serotonin naturally and provides the body with the necessary amino acids to properly nourish the body and restore the right nutritional balance for optimal health.

In the last four years I have undergone a liver transplant, the reason for the transplant was Liver Cancer, I underwent a rigorous chemo regime for the cancer, followed by hepatitis –C treatment. The interferon ribavirin treatment is a very difficult and physically depleting regime which created extreme stress, fatigue and depression and a condition known as transfusion dependent hemolytic anemia. I literally had to have several units of blood transfused weekly to make it through the treatment because my hematacrit, white blood cells and platelets had dropped to dangerously low levels.

One of the side effects of the immune suppressive drugs necessary to prevent rejection of the transplanted liver is elevated blood sugar. I developed pharmaceutical induced diabetes and had manage my blood sugar levels with insulin and pills to keep the diabetes under control.

Right in the middle of the treatment I also suffered a left frontal lobe stroke which affected the movement on my right side. If that weren’t enough as an additional torment I developed a painful gout condition which flared up several times during the year long treatment.

Consequently the trauma and effects of the major surgery, chemo, the many medications prescribed 30 in all, the stroke, the diabetes and the re-occurring gout attacks left me in a depressed state physically, emotionally and mentally that lingered long after I got back on my feet. I HAD BEATEN THE ODDS BUT INSTEAD I actually began to feel like I was the victim of a cruel joke, on one hand I was blessed to have been given a second chance and to have survived all the many health challenges THROWN AT ME of the past few years but was I going to have to live under this fog and funk for the rest of my life? I had resigned myself to feeling this way up until the time I stated taking the avian egg extract.

I am usually upbeat, positive and active and the way depression affected me the most was through lethargy. I totally lost my motivation and zest for life; I literally could not pull myself out of bed in the morning. I would often stay in bed until 12 or 1pm in the afternoon. I typically would go from the bedroom to the couch in the living room and watch old movies with my 89 year old father in law and that would be my day.

I was introduced to the product by a friend and because of my liver transplant I was very cautious about introducing anything into my body that may cause rejection of my new liver. I started with one capsule and when I realized that not only did my new liver not react negatively I actually felt a positive difference. Once I was confident that no ill effects would occur from this unique new nutritional food source, my body’s reaction seemed to say please give me more. My friend told me to up the amount to the loading quantity of 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening and within a few days it was almost as if the fog lifted and the sun started shining in my life once again.

I am back to feeling like my old energetic, active, fully engaged person that I once was now and today I am committed to making a positive difference in people’s with the extract.

I have never seen a product do this much, this fast, for so many people in so many unique ways.

It works wonders; people love it and typically want more of it as fast as they can re-order. The price is right at $33 a month for people to easily engage in both the product and start a small business opportunity to offset the economic challenges so many people are experiencing today. In just a little over 6 months I have over 4500 distributors in my group. This because of the phenomenal results people are experiencing. It is truly a rare product driven opportunity.

The one certain thing in life is that things will always change. Let me close with this “if you are not riding the wave of change, you will find yourself beneath it”.

All the best to you in health

Brian S.

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I am 185lb, 6′, white male, 31yo. Physically fit, but on a very slow gradual back slide, which is typical. I have no daily fitness routine. But I do have a physical day job.

I was very skeptical. I first ordered the 3 bottle package. I had the spare cash, and I knew if I was gonna do this, I needed to do it long enough to notice an affect.

For some reason, I did not find the information on preloading with the extract. I just read the bottle, and based on that I took 2 pills in morn, and 2 at night. I don’t recall what the bottle said (I don’t have any on hand), but I think 2 pills twice daily?

Anyways, during the time of taking the product, I can say that I didn’t outwardly notice anything. I literally felt exactly the same, I thought.

It wasn’t until I ran out it, that I noticed the effects it may have had. My mood was pretty amazing during. I was more positive, much calmer and more subdued. I kinda felt like a ‘zen master’ in a subtle sort of way. Like, if something traumatic happened in front of me, or all around me, I was able to see it completely, almost as if in slow motion. And thus, the event wouldn’t seem not nearly as ‘chaotic’ as one would normally perceive. I don’t attribute all of this solely to the product, since I do meditate from time to time and in general, try to center myself.
I also felt unafraid of anything. Not like the ‘ignorant fearless’ type. More like, where I would normally have a fear of something, I now only had a respectful concern.

Another possible positive affect may have had was physical stamina and recovery. I can’t confirm this, only conjecture.
I went on a bow fishing trip. Normally, when bow fishing, you reduce the poundage of your bow, because you will likely be taking several dozen shots. And no one wants to pull back a 70lb bow all day.

Well, for some reason, I refused to monkey with my bow, and I left it at 70lbs (while my friends lightened their up). And I drew back probably 40 times that day. On top of that, my bow has only a 20%(or less) let off. And I was holding the bow at full draw for well over 1min, several times throughout the period of 7hrs we were fishing.
This is while cruising in a boat, standing, and dodging fish that are jumping in the air, sometimes hitting you. Very strenuous to say the least. Or so it should be.

By the end of the day, although exhausted, I felt amazing, and like I could keep going if the need arose.
2 friends were with me, and they were a bit puzzled as to how I was able to resist fatigue the whole day, and hold full draw for so long, so many times. I honestly brushed it off with no need for explanation. Just had a good time.
The next day (and week), my buddies were talking about how sore and achy they were. I was again puzzled, because I felt PERFECT. I literally had ZERO soreness. The only bit of pain I could scrounge together to try to fit in, was my fingers. The fingers I pull the bow string back with. They didn’t hurt, they only felt slightly ‘sunburnt’ if you will. From the friction on the string.

I actually ran out of the product about 10 days after that fishing trip. And it wasn’t long before several (unrelated) aches and pains crept in. This is what awoke me to the possibility that the extract may have been a positive factor.

Adam B.

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