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Improved Vision

Below are testimonials which contain information from people who have experienced improved vision from taking the avian egg extract..

You may not experience these results

Some of these testimonials will also appear on other pages because the improvements are multiple. The testimonials appear almost as they were submitted, typos and all. The only change was the removal of the product name.

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Lisa L, Idaho

Here is my testimony so far: I have been taking the product for almost 2.5 months, taking 2 in the morning…

On the third day of the loading dose I noticed I could read tiny print WITHOUT MY READING GLASSES, and that still holds today! This was such a nice surprise and I was not expecting it at all …and so soon!

I am super less stressed in general. When things go “wrong” or “unexpected” I roll with it more and do not ‘fly off the handle’ like before.

I am more confident! I know who I am and I make no apologies. Before I would waffle at times and I hated that I did that. Pshhh! Not any more. I walk around feeling “bulletproof” like Phyllis stated. No lie. It’s quite a good feeling to know I can walk into any situation and know I am who I am and that is ENOUGH… and I have something to contribute! The extract gives you the extra confidence needed to not back down from anything or anyone like you might have experienced before. Also, I do not hear “negative” crap in my head that used to plague me in the past, those voices saying “you can’t do that” or “you are not smart enough” or “that is out of your reach”…..NO WAY JOSE. Those “poison” thoughts that used to hold me back are no more!

I self diagnosed myself with adult ADD, inattentive type, last January. I read extensively what it was and what the criteria is for the disorder. I got on Adderall in Feb. after talking with my doctor. Then I started taking the product end of May and after the loading dose phase was done, I took myself off Adderall, after consulting with my Dr. I am so happy to report that I am doing much better than I ever did on Adderall, and I don’t feel like a junkie, “needing that fix”! That is how Adderall made me feel, like I HAD to have it in order to feel like me! So I kicked all my meds to the curb, along with my anti deps, and sleep meds.

I sleep better, longer, more consistent schedule. It’s nice restful sleep, I do not wake up during the night like I used to.

My diet is better. My body craves healthy, real, raw foods. Foods without labels on them! LOL!

My diet pepsi addiction is GONE! My coffee addiction is GONE! I used to need these drinks to start me up in the morning and keep me going throughout the day, like the rest of America…  I believe with the balancing of my serotonin and cortisol, my body does not crave or need those drinks to sustain me. In the morning I take 2 capsules and a 32 oz glass of water and I continue to drink pure water throughout the day. Imagine getting through a day without caffeine or a cola??? And I feel tons better!
My taste buds are changing too. Because when I do have the occasional coffee drink, it does not taste the same. I took a sip of “poison” diet pepsi on my vacation and it tasted awful! And my body cannot get enough water! That is good news because it keeps the toxins flowing out of my body.

I do not have that ‘brain fog’ going on in the morning and in the late afternoon. I am not as tired, I have way more energy. I can concentrate longer and my memory has improved! I can still be a “squirrel” and get distracted easily, but I do not beat my self up for it like I did before and I can get back on track quicker because I am more aware of when that is occurring!

My skin is softer too! I spend less money on lotion because my hands are supple and soft without it! I was bleaching my sinks a few weeks ago and I was not wearing any kitchen gloves… for about 20 minutes I had my hands in and out of bleach water…when I was finished I washed my hands with regular soap. I sat down and noticed right away my skin felt so smooth and soft! Also, I could barely smell the scent of bleach on my hands. Bleach is such a harsh chemical it usually tears my skin up and they get rough and dry right afterwards. Not now! And the weird thing was usually my hands reeked of that nasty bleach scent I don’t care how many times I washed them right afterwards. They barely smelled of bleach! Remarkable!

I am experiencing now what once used to be a dream of mine, to live an “authentic life.” I really do feel like I am in the zone of who I am meant to be and constantly improving and learning and accepting. I love my LpN9 life for life! And I give God all the glory for giving us His perfect food found in the avian egg extract and giving our body’s the ability to heal themselves!


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