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  1. Nancy Harris

    Do you have any studies and/or testimonials related to improved facial skin? We have an opportunity to invite a plastic surgeon to review the product.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Harris

    1. Admin

      Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for the question. I do believe there are some. I will see what I can dig up and post it to the site. When they are posted I will send you an email. I definitely have one regarding hair growth. While not quite what you are looking for, it may help. I will post that one later today.


  2. Sherry

    My son had horrible acne scars all over his face.
    In a month, they were about 80% healed~

    1. Admin

      WOW! Amazing Sherry. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Margie Tice

    Thanks for all that you are doing to support us out here.. I am so grateful.

    Q.. Do you have any testimonials about the improvement of Thyroid issues?

    Q. Do you have any testimonials about the improvement of Alzheimers?

    If you need some help categorizing some of the testimonials for listing, I would like to volunteer some time. This is an important site for reference and I would like to help.

    Thanks, Margie

    1. Admin

      Hi Margie,

      I received your email and sent you are reply. I don’t yet have testimonials about the improvement with thyroid issues. I have heard several testimonials about Alzheimer’s, but I don’t yet have anything written or recorded. I will tell you these stories are remarkable. I will see what I can do for you.

      Thank you so much for your offer. Be careful, I might just take you up on it! 🙂
      I will be in contact via email regarding this.

    2. Bonnie

      I have thyroid issues and I just signed up and made an order so I will be sure to come back and report how things are going.

      1. Admin

        Thank you Bonnie! If you have a testimonial you want to share please email to me. Then I can post it on the site.

  4. Margie Tice

    Sorry, but I forgot to check the boxes to have you email me your response and new posts by email.

  5. Sarah Condit

    Thank you for this great site!

    1. Admin

      You are welcome! I’m glad it’s been of use. 🙂

  6. Bonnie

    Hello, I am hard of hearing and have recently been introduced to Laminine and would love to share this and other videos with deaf people. Is any of this found in print anywhere? or could they be interpreted into ASL. Or could a script be printed below the video?

    just wondering. I know deaf people would love this information too.

    1. Admin

      Bonnie, That is a terrific question. As far as I know more material is is in audio or video format, but at least on this site there are written testimonials you can share with deaf individuals. I will see if there isn’t something else we can do. I hope the extract helps your hearing problem. We know it helps with vision. If we do come up with a solution, I will let you know

      1. Bonnie

        Thank you.

  7. David Tilden

    How do I get the password for the protected areas? Thank you very much for this site it is very good.

    1. Admin

      Thanks David. I sent an email reply to you when you originally asked this question. I realized that I had better reply to you here as well.

      You can only get the password if you are a distributor. Send an email to with your distributor ID and I will send you the password.


  8. raj sidhu

    does this product cure musclur dystophy that is what i have

    1. Admin

      Thanks for the comment.

      Laminine really doesn’t “cure” anything. It actually helps the body to repair itself.

      As of this time I’ve not heard of anyone with muscular dystrophy using Laminine. But that does not mean it won’t help. Since Laminine is an adaptogen, it will help the body repair itself where ever it’s needed most. As an example, my mother, who is 86 and has Alzheimer’s, has been taking Laminine since March for that condition. But shortly after she started taking it, she broke her femur. The repair factors in Laminine helped her body heal the break very quickly. The doctors were amazed! But her mind did not improve for months while her leg healed. Only recently have we seen improvement in her mental and cognitive state.

      All I can suggest is that you try it out. But given your condition, you may have to give it several months before seeing a result. Get back to the person who sent you to this site. If you just found it by searching, I will gladly help you with this.

      No promises are made here. We are only sharing stories on how we’ve been helped by this amazing product!


  9. Marguerite Taxner

    I want to cancel Laminine to be charged to me. Thank you very much! Marguerite Taxner 760-671-6708
    12817 Parma Dr. Desert Hot Springs, Ca 92240

    1. Admin

      Hi Marguerite,

      This site is unaffiliated with LifePharm Global. I set is up as a service to all independent business owners who want to share this amazing product with others. To cancel, you need to contact LifePharm. The phone number is 800-400-1287.
      I’m sorry you want to cancel your product delivery. This is an incredible product which has helped so many heal. Perhaps you should talk to your up line about this. Are you not seeing any results? It may be that you are not taking enough or taking it correctly. In the beginning I had to take 9/day to see results. But boy, when I did, it was fantastic! My maintenance dose is 4/day. Everyone is different. Please reconsider.

      Best regards,

  10. Pamela Noeau Day

    I am looking for info specifically with laminine and prostate cancer. Laminine boosts testosterone in men and testosterone supposedly fuels prostate cancer. How do I respond to this concern with people that I am signing up that have prostate cancer or have had it in the past?

    1. Admin

      Hi Pamela,

      I don’t know of any specific testimonials for prostate cancer. That does not mean they don’t exist. However, given that Dr. Davidson used Young Tissue Extract (YTE) to help his own patients recover from cancer, it’s likely that this product will help (watch the CBC broadcast on the front page). I hope your friend does not hesitate in trying Laminine for this. He really has nothing to lose, even if there are no testimonials. He could be the first one! You have to understand that there is no way anyone can say for certain that this product will help the body get rid of cancer. It’s likely that it will do so, but no guarantee.

      In addition, you friend should know that there are other natural treatments for cancer which can be used along with using Laminine, like eating a very low carb diet (carbohydrates from sugar, starch, grains, etc. FEED cancer – you remove them from the diet and cancer cells starve), alkaline foods/water can help, intravenous vitamin C therapy can help. Anything that put oxygen into the body will kill cancer cells. Have him Google alternative cancer treatments.

      You could also email LPGN and have Dr. Chris Morris address your question. They now have LGPN Product Knowledge Calls, every Thursday at 5pm Pacific time 866-814-3850 PIN 7160796. I would suggest calling LifePharm to get the email address so that you can send in your question to them before the call. 800-400-1287.

      Sorry I could not be of more assistance.

  11. Ruth Ann

    The regular isn’t working. Would you mind checking on it? I am always giving out the website address, and when its not working, I Panic. God Bless

    1. Admin

      There was a problem with how the site showed up if you put www. before the name. This has now been fixed. Thanks so much for letting me know of the problem!

  12. Don Weber

    how do I get a password for site to be “In” ?

    Don Weber

    1. Admin

      Hi Don.
      Send an email to lila @ eggoflifetestimonials dot com

  13. Ray Higley

    In remission with amyloidosis and multiple myeloma. Now have TTP being treated with plasmafresis every other day to boost my platelet count. Currently heading in the right direction. After 3 months this week maybe my last.
    Although I am very skeptical about your product my alternative is not very promising. Would like to try it out. Could you please inform me how to do so.
    Ray Higley 13405 Rossello dr Austin,Texas 78729 512-569-4967

    1. Admin

      Ray, I sent you a reply via email some time ago. Please check your mail.

  14. Annette

    Hello. Was curious and would love a look, if possible.

    1. Admin

      Annette, I sent you an email with my reply.

  15. david falls

    please tell me how to change some things on my site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the wrong phone number is on there and I need to make shur they have the correct email for me. I am going to start driving traffic to this site to increase sales!! please get back with me fast!!!
    dave falls
    801 3944691

    1. Admin


      I am not affiliated with the egg of life IBO sites. Those are set up by Adrian Mathews. You have to contact him directly to make any changes. Take a GOOD look at your site, there is contact info on it to reach him.
      I suggest you take a different tone in your email when contacting him. He provides the site free of charge to IBOs in his organization. While he benefits (when you sign up new people), you have to remember that you are a guest on his server. Many network marketing companies charge their IBOs for their websites. Fortunately LifePharm doesn’t (yet – who knows, they may in the future) and Adrian gives us a very high quality site for free.
      I understand that the information needs to be corrected, but taking a panic tone will not get them to change your information any faster, and it just might delay it. I know Adrian, you do not.
      Just some friendly advice….

      Lila Solnick

  16. Nicole

    Hi I tried to e-mail to get the password to check things out and the e-mail will not got through. Can you please help me.


    1. Admin

      Shalom Nicole!
      LifePharm Global has no connection with this site. The email address is there for people to contact LifePharm if they have questions regarding the password protection of this site. Originally, much of the site was open and available to the public. Only the audios where the product is mentioned was password protected. But in order to protect my status as a distributor with LifePharm, I protected the entire site when they asked me to do it. It was either protect it or take the site down. It’s interesting that the email no longer exists. I’ll have to find out what the new email address is.
      Send an email to me lila at to request a password. I cannot give it to you here.


  17. Anna

    Do you have any testimonial on schizophrenia, paranoia type, depressions?

    1. Admin

      Hi Anna,

      I’m so sorry for the delay in responding to your comment.

      All the testimonials are on the site. I don’t think there are any for the type of depression you are inquiring about. If you are interesting in looking here or listening to an audio please email me to request a password at lila at


  18. curt

    Can Lamimine be effective in dealing with Parkinsons?

    1. Admin

      Hi Curt,

      All I will say right here is that it can help. If you are interested in seeing more send me an email to request a password. lila at


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